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We cater to all ages, focusing on kids, athletes, and anyone seeking individual or group basketball training, strength and conditioning programs, or nutrition plans. Our mission is to assist everyone, not just in sports, but in fostering a happy and healthy lifestyle. Achieve your goals with us!


Individual Sessions

 With a focus on mastering the fundamentals of the game, each hour-long session is tailored to your unique needs. I understand the importance of a well-rounded skill set in today's basketball, and I prioritize equal attention to every aspect of the game. However, I also identify the areas where you need the most improvement and dedicate more time to enhance those specific skills. I attempt to create a supportive and motivating environment as we work together to take your game to the next level. Start the journey to becoming the best basketball player you can be.


Shooting Lessons

Improve your jump shot with our shooting lessons. Our sessions last 45 minutes to an hour, focusing on refining your jump shot form and mechanics. Experience the effectiveness of the Rebel+ shooting machine from Dr. Dish, enabling you to take up to 1000 shots per hour. Unlock your scoring potential with precision and consistency. Book your lesson today and elevate your shooting game.


Group Sessions

Our hour-long group sessions focus on honing your skills, fostering healthy competition, and creating a fun atmosphere. Join me as we utilize competitive drills and place you in specific game situations to teach you how to read and play the game the right way. Let the journey to becoming a smarter, more skilled player begin!

Strength, Conditioning, Nutrition 

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